WELCOME " MEGAN'S FLUTTERBY FUND" SITE has been set up in memory of Megan Bell who died aged 13 years of a life limiting condition. Megan was profoundly disabled and during her lifetime we had to fund raise to obtain lots of specialized equipment and other things such as switches to activate toys and computer. The purchase of musical instruments ,which the children find so exciting and stimulating. Bean bags, mats, lights, mirrors the list is endless. A lot of this equipment to enrich her life was not supplied by the Health Service as they do not fund for lots of these things. We too had help from our local community, friends and wonderful people who helped us do this .

We now have set out to help other families with children like Megan in her memory to have these things through her Fund. Our aim is to raise funds to help special needs and life limited condition children in our local community to be able to have as many of these things that we are able to help towards or purchase for.

Being specialized equipment can cost from as little as £30 for a switch to hundreds of pounds depending on the child's ability, but can make such a difference to the child's everyday quality of life and the joy and achievement it can bring by being independent for those short moments . Fibre Optic lights and musical instruments such as an ocean drum again bring such enjoyment but cost around a £1000 for lights and £80+ for the drum.

We hope you like our Blog and please feel free to post your comments and Thank you for taking the time to look .

Gisela Bell & Anna Bell Now Lyman




Hi Everyone, Information update for those wishing to contact the fund for help. You can use the email:- If you use Face Book you can find Group on there and drop us a line. All your messages will be answered. I have moved away from Northampton but the Fund is still running. Anna is in Northampton still and doing the main parts but I am still involved. As times are so difficult at present if there is anything you would like for your child to ease things some what please contact us. It maybe just a toy, equipment or even some special clothing we can look to see if we can help at all. Stay safe Everyone xxxx



Hi Everyone,

We would like to say a massive thank you to these  THREE LOVELY LADIES      ............................
Julie Evans, Bev Davies and Gina Cairns " THE PARKRUN BUDDIES " for their support.
On 29th September 2019 they ran the Northampton Half Marathon  raising money for the fund. They raised over £1000 in sponsorships and we can not thank them enough for all their time and effort and a big thank you too everyone that donated.
We were at the start line to cheer them off. It was great fun.

We also completed a request by physiotherapist for special adaptive clothing and a large bouncer for a little boy with sensory and physical disabilities. We hope it helps a little xxx



THANK YOU  Rayan  and friend's for your wonderful donation from the cake decorating  you held on Monday to support us The  Grand Total from the event   to Megan's Flutterby Fund was £25. 🦋😍



My Sunday afternoon and Monday morning  18th 19th August 2019

Well what can I say!!!Less than a year into their Launch of adaptive clothing for the children my thoughts.

It really isn't a success story if you are trying to get hold of any.

I have spent the better part of a whole evening and morning trying and speaking to someone at M&S head office to get hold of a number of items to full fill a request to Megan's Flutterby Fund for a small child adaptive clothing.

Was I successful....NO  there is no stock on line or in stores to fit 2/3 year 3/4year old. Plus the situation is they have no idea when stock will come in or can guarantee it will come in.
How can a company promote a service and get praised for it when they actually can't or don't keep up their stocks to be able to supply the consumer with the goods. It's totally ludicrous that they allow this situation to occur.
Well Marks and Spencer you have a nil point score from me.
You need to get your stock control house in order and be able to supply what you  promote for Special Needs children
Your very happy to take all the social media and advertising praise on this venture but you are falling very short of the mark on this!!!!

Please share maybe it will help with them actually supplying what they claim to be doing.


Hi Everyone

These Three Lovely Ladies Julie, Bev and Gina " PARKRUN BUDDIES" are running the NORTHAMPTON HALF MARATHON TO RAISE MONEY FOR MEGAN'S FLUTTERBY FUND. In September. We cant thank them enough for supporting the charity and hope that all those that would like to help them reach their target donation visit our Virgin money giving page  and help them achieve this sum.  Once again thank you so much ladies for thinking of us. We will be there to cheer you on. Xxxxxx
 Hope all my friends would be so kind as to share this post. Thank you xx


INTO 2019

Hi Everyone ,

We are now well  into the New Year February and snowdrops all blooming and Spring bulbs all above the ground. Still cold but signs of new life all around.

We would like to thank everyone that supported us through 2018 without you we could not help the children and families that struggle for special equipment.

I have already been asked if we are hosting another party this year and hopefully yes we will but will be in touch nearer a time .

Wishing you all the best for the future year
 from All of us at

Megan's Flutterby Fund