WELCOME " MEGAN'S FLUTTERBY FUND" SITE has been set up in memory of Megan Bell who died aged 13 years of a life limiting condition. Megan was profoundly disabled and during her lifetime we had to fund raise to obtain lots of specialized equipment and other things such as switches to activate toys and computer. The purchase of musical instruments ,which the children find so exciting and stimulating. Bean bags, mats, lights, mirrors the list is endless. A lot of this equipment to enrich her life was not supplied by the Health Service as they do not fund for lots of these things. We too had help from our local community, friends and wonderful people who helped us do this .

We now have set out to help other families with children like Megan in her memory to have these things through her Fund. Our aim is to raise funds to help special needs and life limited condition children in our local community to be able to have as many of these things that we are able to help towards or purchase for.
Being specialized equipment can cost from as little as £30 for a switch to hundreds of pounds depending on the childs ability, but can make such a difference to the childs everyday quality of life and the joy and achievement it can bring by being independent for those short moments . Fibre Optic lights and musical instruments such as a ocean drum again bring such enjoyment but cost around a £1000 for lights and £80+ for the drum.

We hope you like our Blog and please feel free to post your comments and Thankyou for taking the time to look .

Gisela & Anna Bell x




Yesterday Spencer Lyman did a sponsored Abseiled down The Express Lifts Tower to raise money for Megan's Fund. It was fairly nice weather until it came for Spencer's abseil time and the thunder lightning and lots of rain came down. But despite that he "DID IT " and all the family and friends that came to support him all got soaking, wet pictures were hard to take, camera's stopped working with the rain getting in them but despite that we all had a good laugh and Spencer started off slow but then speeded up and came down like a professional. He was nervous but his nerves overcame him and yeah pretty awesome. SO A HUGE WELL DONE SPENCER and a very big thank you from all of us for having the courage to step over that top and helping us to help all the wonderful children in our community. Spencer's page is still open for a while and if you feel you would like to sponsor him for what he has done just visit his Virgin money giving page. Thank you to everyone that came along and for all the great people that have sponsored him already we really appreciate your support. After the event we all went to get changed out the wet clothes and met up at Spencer's home for drinks and buffet which was lovely thank you Spencer and the sun shone for the rest of the day. lol



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